With all Jewel’s ceremonies, there is complete freedom of choice. Your ceremony will be personally written to reflect your values, beliefs and your relationship. A variety of inspiring texts and readings will be offered, from many different cultures and spiritual backgrounds. Attention to detail is important for the smooth flow and dignity of the ceremony, such as liaising with Musicians, Photographers and the MC. The words are spoken from the heart to convey a meaningful ceremony. Each couple will receive unlimited consultation, an on-site rehearsal, choreography and coaching for those readers who are not experienced in public speaking. A portable PA system is available, with a professional headset microphone and a hand held microphone for readers, so everyone will hear the ceremony.

All ceremonies are healing. They nourish the soul and acknowledge transition. Through ceremony, we can find peace, joy, acceptance and union.

Commitment Ceremonies ~ Are offered to couples in celebration of their love and commitment. Declaring their love for one another, with friends and family as witnesses, in the same way a wedding ceremony does, without the legal requirements.

Photographed during the wedding ceremony of Robyn Ramsay to Gary Sproule in Maleny on 2nd April, 2016.