With all Jewel’s ceremonies, there is complete freedom of choice. Your ceremony will be personally written to reflect your values, beliefs and your relationship. A variety of inspiring texts and readings will be offered, from many different cultures and spiritual backgrounds. Attention to detail is important for the smooth flow and dignity of the ceremony, such as liaising with Musicians, Photographers and the MC. The words are spoken from the heart to convey a meaningful ceremony. Each couple will receive unlimited consultation, an on-site rehearsal, choreography and coaching for those readers who are not experienced in public speaking. A portable PA system is available, with a professional headset microphone and a hand held microphone for readers, so everyone will hear the ceremony. All legal work involved and registration of the marriage ceremony is taken care of.

All ceremonies are healing. They nourish the soul and acknowledge transition. Through ceremony, we can find peace, joy, acceptance and union. The most sacred union of love is The Rite of Marriage.

Wedding Ceremonies ~ Congratulations on your decision to marry! Your wedding will honour your love and commitment to each other. The ceremony will be designed to reflect your individual styles, whether that be simple and intimate, elegant, romantic, traditional, spiritual, cultural or have a specific theme. Your wedding day will be a relaxed joyful celebration of your union. Your wedding ceremony will honour your journey as a couple and acknowledge where you are going. It can also recognize your family and friends who have all played an important role in your lives. Symbolism and Ritual add a depth and meaning to the ceremony. Some of the choices which may be included are: The Celtic Handfasting, The Sand Ceremony, Circle Ceremony, Step Family Acceptance and The Blessing of The Rings.

The ceremony is the most important part of your day. It is the memory you make which will support you in the future and it is the blueprint for your marriage. What is said and what is done in the ceremony needs careful preparation and considerable attention. There are many details which contribute to a great ceremony. This is the special moment in your life when you and your beloved express the love and commitment you have for each other with your friends and family as witnesses. The memory of that sacred moment will stay with you throughout your married life. Please see “Where to Begin” for more information on Wedding Ceremonies.

Commitment Ceremonies ~ Are offered to couples in celebration of their love and commitment. Declaring their love for one another, with friends and family as witnesses, in the same way a wedding ceremony does, without the legal requirements.

Renewal of Vows ~ This ceremony is often celebrated on a significant anniversary or after the relationship goes through major change. It reaffirms your intentions and commitments to each other, ultimately strengthening the marriage.

Name Givings ~ Are about welcoming your child into the family and the world. It’s a joyful family celebration and a blessing of your baby’s life. Name Givings are also available for adults who have decided to change their name. Names are considered to have power and each name has a different meaning.

Blessings ~ This is a sacred time given for a new home or business. A Blessing recognises the process, which begins with an idea, follows with the preparation and develops into action, all unfolding in its own time. This is a great opportunity to clear away any old stagnant energy from the space, before the new beginning in this place. It may be a spiritual ceremony or an opening celebration.

Celebration of Life ~ Honours a loved one after death. This happens in the post funeral stage, after the initial letting go. The major difference from a funeral service is, the ceremony is usually held in a place dearest to the deceased and there are no time or venue restraints. A Celebration of Life truly honours the spirit of the person. It is a time for family and friends to speak informally whilst feeling totally supported.

Rites of Passage ~ May be a change of role, a new position, a significant birthday or moving away. They mark a period of healing, transition and rebirth. The Menarche Rites for 1st menstruation are one of the oldest rites in history and still practiced today. The Croning Ceremony is for the elders to celebrate their wisdom. A Rite of Passage helps us to adjust to the changes we’re experiencing, step into them and move on with strength and support. With our loved ones as witnesses, this is possible.

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