Where to Begin

Firstly, you choose your marriage celebrant, the date, time and place of your Wedding ceremony. To find the right celebrant for you, it’s best to make an appointment to meet and discuss your requirements, before the booking is confirmed.

It is a legal requirement to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form with your Celebrant, at the very latest – one month prior to the ceremony. This document is valid for up to 18 months. The NOIM form must be signed in the presence of your Celebrant or an authorised person.
(Click here for NOIM)

Each person must be over the age of 18 years. If either party is under age please contact Jewel for further information.

Two witnesses over the age of 18 years must be present at your Wedding Ceremony.

Your Celebrant will need to sight your Passport or Birth Certificate and one form of photo ID.

If either party has been previously married, a Certificate of Divorce stating the date the Divorce Order takes effect must be produced. If the spouse is deceased, you will need to provide their Death Certificate.

If either party has officially changed their names, a Change of Name Certificate is required.

All documents must be translated into English.

Choosing Your Venue

The places to choose from for your ceremony are as wide as your imagination; home, garden, beach, rainforest, boardwalks, reception centre, restaurant, lookout, resort, and some chapels may be available. It may be a place, which has special significance to you.  Jewel’s extensive local knowledge is offered in consultation and this assists in choosing a venue which is right for you.

If you decide to have your ceremony in a public place, the council asks that you contact them for a permit. It is wise to do this to be sure the area isn’t already booked for a festival or another function.

Please click (here) for Permit Form, Cost and Photo’s of venues available.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council: 07 5475 7272.

Once you have made your booking we will then meet at your convenience to have a relaxed consultation and begin creating your personalised ceremony.